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Seacat: REVERB and more REVERB

Seacat: REVERB and more REVERB


Seacat is spicy indie Mexican. 
Hooked on the sound from  the first second.
Ana Barraza, Alan Vega and Alejandro Theon 
can conquer a world of dreamgaze to come!
The character (you), gains the ability to dream, yearning for transcendence.

Amazed at how these guys don’t know that they are a world conquering band, not to forget in a future line up!Our Mexican wasn’t so hot, so we google translated some basic bio!

Sequences EP rolls down the playlist in between Tame Impala and Beach House.

Throughout their career they have had performances in Hermosillo ,
Ciudad Obregon and Phoenix Arizona, sharing the stage with bands like
Molotov, Matavenados , Postscript , Bogan Via ( Phoenix , AZ ) Prom Body
( Tucson , AZ ) among others. Recently signed contract with Urband and
Lazar Music Publishing

3 músicos, 1 banda, REVERB, café, gatos, más REVERB, México
Fotografía por Hanna Hennet Photographer