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Ano 2016 | Pakapi Records mixtape
deo autem nihil – atmos
Roleplay - My Sun
Roleplay – My Sun
Delta – Swimming
aonian ascent © Alex Kozobolis 135kb
Aonian – Ascent
mcdead cover distro 1600387031058
McDead – Mercury Blue Tubes
Biiig Stretch – Aurora
Wray – Wishing

Ano 2016 | Pakapi Records mixtape


Pakapi Records is a record label based in Argentina, focused on releasing the music of South American artists. If your a fan of giveitaspin.gr, you may know that our love is growing mutually over the years and we fully support them! This is a friendship beyond space or time.
 GMC aka Guillermo M. Cerredo has just made an exclusive guest mix for #giveitaspin and if you too want to join in feel free to send us a tape. It’s all about sharing the music culture from one place of the planet to the other.
The mix is called “Ano 2016” taking inspiration from “Brasil Ano 2000 OST” the kick off track. You can learn more about the film here.  As you can see, there is a lot of heart going in this mix, so enjoy digging in the playlist below and love it over on mixcloud and share it with friends! We thank Pakapi for the cover art and the friendship hoping that future collaborations will astonish our own souls in the music world! Enjoy!

00:00 Introdução
V.A. “Brasil Ano 2000 OST”
00:23 Esquizophanque – Pra Não Esquecer de Viver
“Pra Não Esquecer de Viver”
03:54 Mareaboba – Dejame te platico
“Bioamorfo EP (Caballito)
Pichiatta (Superspace Records)
10:44 Acessórios Essenciais – Moogerfooger
Sinais de Ocupação Humana
12:01 Andesgroud & David Toop & A Song for Rain  
 Mabutawi-Teri Young Men Singing, Pt. 1
 Caberima Night Insects, Birds and Moths, Pt. 1
(David Toop – Lost Shadows In Defence of the Soul, Yanomami Shamanism, Songs, Ritual, 1978)
Andesground Label –  Duda y Molestia 3 (El Tercero OST)
Ama (A Song for Rain) (Paraguay – Guarani, Nandeva & Ayoreo -Ocora-)
17:00 Minicomponente – Milki
Asuntos Extranhos (Jacobino)
18:00 Carlos – Minha Casa -Fim-
19:27 Carlos – Caôzada part. Mc Ludmilla
22:54 DJ Pucho – Cumbia Trowepa (2016)
26:55 El Zombie Flash – Cumbia Romantica
The Paraguayan Experience 
29:56 Barda vs Roquefeller vs David Toop – Nucleo, Turan y Equis & Mabutawi Teri Young Women’s Circle Song
34:47 Los Siquicos Litoraleños – Casino de contactados VIP
V.A. Territorios (Experimentación Sonora en Argentina) Carbono Proyecto
37:04 Sophitrax – 8ton
V.A. Industria Tropical (Pakapi Records)
40:04  – Strikkly Vikkly Jah Jah Dub feat. King Cobrizo
Volume 1 Brainlab Groove
42:31 Domingo Cura – La Pesca Del Indio (Carnavalito)
Tiempo De Percusion : An Anthology, 1971-77
45:14 Edu Lobo – É O Banzo, Irmão
Edu Canta Zumbi
47:16 Os Mutantes – Fuga no.II
50:40 Yma Sumac – Llulla Mak’Ta (Andean Don Juan) – 
Voice of the Xtabay 
53:02 Ariel Ramirez and Jaime Torres – El Nacimiento del Charango
Folklore en nueva dimension
We wish for many more guest mixes to come, from mates, artists or labels. If your in a good spot send us one!

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