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Kin Klavé-Soa | Free DL

Kin Klavé-Soa | Free DL


A spectrum of sound and energy that takes over the space of  an ethereal atmosphere!
We could kick-off a dj set anytime with emerging artist Kin Klavé! It’s a track full of dynamic originality. Bursting bubbles in dub theory, an escapism of future sublime colors that wake up your senses in a revitalizing mode. “Soa” is the only sample work we have of Kin Klavé, but it feels like various releases had taken their own path waiting for us to discover them. We expect for many future releases to land our way, trusting it’s a splendid teaser to keep us boiling on our feet! Quality doesn’t always have to come with quantity of a workflow. If you close your eyes and let your feelings build up to the melody, your spirit will delicately shift between dub, world and electronic music.

The soulful melody of an ethnic guitar is underpinned
with a strong RnB inspired backbeat and twisting sub-bass. Listeners
will find a scattering of subtle rhythmic manipulations and percussive
twinkles. This fusion of elements results in a distinctive style that
will surprise and delight.

Surely #giveitaspin has made a new friend from Yorkshire, UK! With a background in drumming,  Kin Klavé’s sense for groove often permeates into his productions and takes the listener on a rhythmical journey. If your a fan of Bonobo, Submotion Orchestra, Skalpel or Fila Brazillia we are sure you could easily engage with the vibe! Go for it!
“Soa” is a free download but we suggest you support any way you can! Remember where you first gave it a spin. Favorite emerging artist, talent alert!
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