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Yorgia Karidi-A Place To Hang Out | Numb Capsule

Yorgia Karidi-A Place To Hang Out | Numb Capsule


Another release on Numb Capsule  
which is on fire lately!
Prepare to morph into a trans-dimensional urban layer. Yorgia has a great taste and more surprises on her soundcloud, getting into various collabs with greek independent artists and not only. For sure she is a rare oyster ready to pop out of it’s depth into a fling of bursting creativity. And that sounds weird even now that I’ve said it but i did. If art is freedom than yK is free as a bird.  Performance art full of taste, smell and sounds just uplift our beings. Explore her own…no limits.
Mesmerizing expressionism  in the vaults of experimentalism is a great way to conquer the expanding life lines of everyday’s adventures. If your looking for a rather supernatural approach to music making yK fits the description of a colorful mermaid on land, trying to seduce the notable humane self.

Performance art can
involve the audience with taste, smell and sounds not available with
electronic media and not practical with conventional theater. This is
due to the usually small audience.
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Yorgia Karidi’s “A place to hang out” is a 3 track single, an abstract reconstruction of a short route from Liosia Avenue to
Victoria Square (Athens). Electronic improvisation, voice, beats, pitch-shifting,
asmr qualities (do listen with headphones).

About Y K

Yorgia Karidi is a performing artist who composes & improvises
electroacoustic music. Since 2002 she has given over 50 performances in
theatrical & musical ensembles as well as in solo projects that
followed (2009 – present).

Her work consists of various music styles & artistic interests, that
are emerging from styles of conversation, vocal qualities, fat beats
(originating from hip hop, dub, African & Brazilian culture), humor,
sonic & theatrical improvisation and other methods of presentation.
Periodically she focuses on tactile work (drawing, painting,

Her art seeks to be Fun, Exciting. Not only by using various
interchanging mediums but also on every step she tries to surpass a
frame of expectations and senses. This is how she approaches sound and
this is how she regards her everyday life as well.

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