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Hero The Band | Video Premiere: turn 17hrs into 2 days of roadtripping to your own SXSW gig

Hero The Band | Video Premiere: turn 17hrs into 2 days of roadtripping to your own SXSW gig

 Enjoy the video, just like we did!

“This is just the universe..it’s all about you and how bad you want something. What type of optimism you hold in your heart and mind..” 
Atlanta based, Hero The Band are the most straight forward musical force of humane superpowers I’ve come across lately. A family affair, four blood brothers unite to musically fulfill the purity of sounds, dissolving upbeat feelings in our hearts. Of course, it all has to be about the vibes! Time to elevate.

Winning the 2016 Akademia Awards Rock Album of The Year these guys, are so positive about life they will boost your optimism beyond the skies.

Official video “Live for Us” is streaming live from today, and makes us think about the impulse of destiny which brings us together, exactly like the one your holding right now in front of you as you scroll down to relate with music we believe needs to be shared genrefull-y.

Bonding as a band from 2008,under the name Inseperable the journey continued and by 2010 Hero the band was formed. Some musical influences of HERO are
Queen, Cold Play, Take 6, Boyz II Men, The Temptations, The Beatles, Elton John, Jimi Hendrix, Earth,Wind, and Fire, U2, Prince, and Lenny Kravitz.

The four brothers (Jerramy, Nicolas, Justin and Derrian) play the bass, lead guitars, keys and drums writing their own lyrics and sound, allowing real emotions to be expressed and shared with the world. They have performed at the Masquerade, Phillip’s Arena and opening act for
the legendary “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” band, Mother’s Finest

And, the journey continues. The next time you go to a concert, remember how the artist or bands are just like you, but there is one major difference. Their path is never easy to give you a whole, but once they get on stage they do everything in the world to make you happy for a moments eternity of peace love and connection, blood brothers and sisters for musical life. We have got some more tracks below for you to enjoy, share their inspiring video (that really made us instantly happy) and be sure to connect with them on facebook, twitter and instagram just to see what else they have coming..
How to become a groupie 🙂