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Hot Flash Heat Wave are howling ‘Bye Bye Baby’ with a garage gaze steam

Hot Flash Heat Wave are howling ‘Bye Bye Baby’ with a garage gaze steam

Feelings change just like the weather
And when it rains, it really pours
The more we try to hold on tighter, the more we start to feel ignored
I think that I’ll be on my way
 If your searching to send an end of the road note to your baby then this is your tune!
Hot Flash Heat Wave  from sunny San Francisco are set to release their second record late 2016 and we take a musical glimpse at what’s upcoming! They create melodically upbeat, hook-filled garage rock,
referencing a range of influences from Girls and the Beach Boys, to
Santo & Johnny and Weezer. Their style is partially a tongue and
cheek nod to the dreamy, lo-fi vibes of the “chill-wave” movement, as
contrasted by the more sunny, sweltering sound of their own jams
(“heat-wave”). Comprised of 4 high school best friends living, writing,
and recording under the same roof. Keep updated with OIM records and grab a free download of “The love crime” vinyl below!


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