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give5aspin: Lowkey ish, Equador, DYAN, Commoninterest and Matthew Shell, Charlie Cunningham

give5aspin: Lowkey ish, Equador, DYAN, Commoninterest and Matthew Shell, Charlie Cunningham

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Lowkey ish – Drifting ft. Burgers
This track is off Lowkey ish’s debut, a self titled-EP, driven on a future funk vibration with dubstep influences. With live instrumentation woven into every song, this EP goes beyond the classification of just EDM. Each track also features different artwork augmented from the
original, crafted to highlight the color and tone of each song.

The entire EP is available as a free download on Soundcloud 
and Bandcamp.

Equador – Blood (Official Video)

Bo Bruce (singer) and Henry Binns (producer/musician/Zero 7) met whilst working on tracks for what would become Bo’s top ten debut album in 2013, and immediately hit off as a writing duo. In 2015 the pair holed up in the Zero 7 studio, writing and recording early versions of what would become the new album by Equador. The result is an album of extraordinary beauty, a sound that combines elements of 90’s down-tempo ambience coupled with the haunting sound of 60’s mellotron and wurlitzers. The album Bones of Man will be released in September on Pegdoll records. Find more on Facebook and  Twitter.

DYAN – Days Upon Days 
Days Upon Days shakes up the indie libido that never wears out on our playlist, sweltering guitar drips on a synth pop high. The track strips our naked soul down to pure euphoria, you surely just want to listen to it alternatively over and over again. Nothing is taken by chance here.  Formed in LA, Cincinnati and Winnipeg, Canada in 2015, DYAN is Alex, Samuel and Dan. A simple trio with a complex past. As music writers/producers for film and TV as well as players for other artists (Ray Lamontagne, Jim James), they wanted a project for their own. Songs on debut album “Looking for Knives” ultimately tell the story of how they got together- a failed marriage gave way to a successful friendship, and a new relationship formed with its own complications. Unique storytelling through collaboration and music, that’s what’s on our plate here. Dive also on facebook and twitter.
 Commoninterest & Matthew Shell – Sparkle
Sparkle” is an orchestral pop rock instrumental from Tyrone Johnson aka Commoninterest and Matthew Shell of MTS Music featuring cello by Yoed Nir String Productions, Ziv Shalev on electric guitar and Glenn Grossman on drums.   
Commoninterest is a producer versatile electronic artist who isn’t
afraid to break the genre barrier with his productions. Matthew Shell’s
production style is heavily focused on live instrumentation and spans
the genres of jazz, pop, rock, RnB and soul. Both producers are former
students of Omega Recording Studios School, Rockville, MD, and met in
person for the first time through a beat battle hosted by the school
that Matthew judged and Commoninterest won by remixing Matthew’s song
“Boss Music”. 
Charlie Cunningham – Heights (Live)
Charlie Cunningham returns with a unique live session for ‘Heights‘, track taken from his latest EP released earlier this year on the label Dumont Dumont (RY X and more).The video was shot in May 2016 by Sam Hamper at Brockley Studios, London. Check more on Facebook and Twitter. Cunningham’s songs are laden with delicate flourishes, intricate melodic turns and moments of stark introspection – both expansive and intimate.