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How to feel ‘No-More-Stalgic’ this summer with Beat Remvie

How to feel ‘No-More-Stalgic’ this summer with Beat Remvie

It’s a giveitaspin July track

Almost one year after his debut release Beat Remvie (aka Michael Papoulakos) returns with a concept EP about dreams and memories. If we are making our summer list how can we leave ‘No-More_Stalgic’ out? It’s best heard on a salty dawn with the taste of suntan on your skin and pages on your freckles as fluid dream-pop-electro thoughts sparkle on the surface of strong sentimentality. Then again, if your indoors it won’t harm to crank up the volume go barefoot and feel free to drink to no-stalgia! It hugs our aura to escape, as things on a hot month need to be lightly-headed in all human directions.

The track kicks in with an ethereal intro where performer Yorgia Karidi seconds Beat Remvie’s pledge to never look back and leads the track to a cathartic acid dance towards the future. You should also know that Beat Remvie is the ambitious indie-dance musical effort of a Greek beatmaker GDaddie. Using retro-referencing synth lines and some US style beatronica throw in for good measure, Beat Remvie’s tunes hark back to the poppier days of early noughties electro clash combined with a blend of his own bittersweet vocal layerings and elevating vocal hooks. You can listen to the rest of the EP below and connect,





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