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E07: anotherwhiskyformisterbukowski summer playlist!

E07: anotherwhiskyformisterbukowski summer playlist!


It’s a give5aspin playlist

Today we have a guest on our blog! Let’s fill up our glasses and get drunk on music!

Hello, it”s Charles from I’m a french blogger and give it a spin

gave me the possibility to present you a mix with 5 fucking good french bands! (It’s a playlist exchange…)

Isaac delusion is one of my favorite bands. They are just magic. The singer has a particular voice. It’s a mix between electronic and soul music. It’s dancing and swaying. It would give the fever to a convent.

Poom is a duo from south of France. Synth waves are poetic. The voices are dreamlike. It’s addictive as the siren. Their last album is just out and i will listen to it during the summer with a mojito.

L’orbeat is a beatmaker from Paris. He makes chill-out music mixing exotic beats and electro. It’s the perfect song for relaxing. He is not famous at all in France, it’s a cookie treat to give out.

Bagarre  A music collective. “Dying in the club” invites you to dance and sweat on the floor just like Tony Manero. It’s very addictive so it will loop at home. Play it, sing it loud and hard.

Flavien Berger A dreamy track of a quality beatmaker.

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