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Mr Sanka spinning in ‘Flight Mode’. Cocktails included!

Mr Sanka spinning in ‘Flight Mode’. Cocktails included!

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[youtube src=”rysKSrtT50E”/] [2column] [content]Flight mode is the A-side single debut of Mr Sanka set for release on Beat Club/PMR Records (Disclosure/Jessie Ware). By far one of the zestiest-sounds to be written about a flight to London. Then again, choose your destination, it has the drive to take you anywhere in the world. Combined with a brilliant video to tease your luscious senses, you’ll have a signature cocktail on your summer menu (How much gin should I put in?). The musical miles are so tasty and addictive, it’s an instant yes on our August playlist! Mr Sanka though is not a French guy, it’s a collective. Dutch singer and visual artist Nick van Hofwegen, together with London-based producers Mustafa and James, found each other by chance when they were all working in Los Angeles.
[/content] [content]We love the sight of spinning vinyl and the video frames have charmed the music world to instantly love this project. There are traces of the 60s-70s pop era and some French House that give style. Nick is also front-man of Young & Sick, perhaps one more reason things are sliding in a smooth way for the group. Mr Sanka, is our pilot for the last summer month, a band named after a character in Cool Runnings, has won our breezy heart for adventure! [/content] [/2column]

It’s on the decks

It’s a giveitaspin August track


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