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Tags-Gal – _Virgo

Tags-Gal – _Virgo

If I had a record label, I would press this seductive track in fine vinyl! A deep groove for the lovers of house and vocal samples that gloriously flow throughout for a boot-knocking success. TAGS-GAL came to musical life when another project finished. That’s the name of the evolution game, it’s good for our ears to know that artists are never too afraid to expand their own limits as time passes by. After 4 years in electronic band NUDES, TAGS-GAL decided to leave the UK and go solo. Moving to Berlin a few months ago was the best thing he ever did for us. The cultural metropolis is always a great stimulation for those who seek journeys into the arts and music. Some rough demos and half a pocket of silver coins have ignited this musical journey. _VIRGO is the first offering and a precursor to a future mix tape. The mysterious low profile TAGS-GAL is working on a live performance soon as his musical identity is still top secret work in progress. If your an Instagram fan then you will love his creative eye and we have a treat for you coming soon on our fresh account, you asked for it!

My style is influenced as much by labels such as Smallville and Giegling as it is the songwriting of The Beach Boys and I use a combination of hardware, soft synths and samples.




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