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Watch ‘Shake Pendulum Shake’ from the Brooklyn based psychedelic Savants

Watch ‘Shake Pendulum Shake’ from the Brooklyn based psychedelic Savants


It’s a giveitaspin August track

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[item title=”Who”]Savants are a Brooklyn based band formed in early 2013, their music has been described as proto-rock with elements of modern day psych and lo-fi,garage influence. The band began experimenting with analog recording techniques which resulted in their first EP release entitled “7” featuring eight songs made on a Yamaha 4-track cassette machine. [/item]
[item title=”Why #giveitaspin”]It reminds me of a sacred era. You know, an atmosphere of musical artistry. The lyrics, melody and the blurriness creates a vision of hard truth…I’m ready to gulp up my dreams (It’s all a lie!)

Shake Pendulum Shake was actually from a dream I had about this strange reptilian man going into cocktail lounges on the Bowery, a real seedy character.”

-Tony Prins (lead singer).[/item]
[item title=”About the video”]It was mainly made by Joe Kimono (lead guitarist/keyboard), they shot it during a live show at The Saint in Ashbury Park. Joe’s a sort of whiz kid when it comes to distortion of audio and video. The lyrics were added to the video to highlight Tony’s songwriting.[/item]
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