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Bathrobe Robots-Be Somebody (acoustic)

Bathrobe Robots-Be Somebody (acoustic)


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Sibling robots crash landed in the desolate countryside of upstate New York. While being introduced to the new concepts of “adulting”, they were also exposed to “music”.
There weren’t many human things that appealed to the robots other than their “music”. Finding nothing that suitably combined sounds of their extraterrestrial origins with their new home, they set forth on a quest to create their own.

Bathrobe Robots are my musical heroes all week long, jumping out of my childhood dreams, as I have made and mended one of their ancestors in a school fair when I was cute and romantic with technology (from way back then). Press the magical play button, a sublime tune will flow out of this circuit. Don’t hesitate about the “acoustic” version in the description, it’s a perfection of a stream! It swells down into the basics, of human nature’s love, something that we all forget or leave aside from time to time. A deceptively lucid guitar line and a serpentine melody harmonize “life is perfect” in so many ways. Lookout Angus & Julia Stone, here are the music kinfolks from NYC! Electronic backdrops and saccharine vocals will melt you away! I’m looking forward to the next voyage, we might meet again the next time I’m singing in the shower about life’s fascinations. Until the next round you can catch another song below and their full EP on soundcloud!