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Kyle Bent-Rotten Apple Seeds

Kyle Bent-Rotten Apple Seeds


What would you do if a stranger gave you an apple to eat? And would your behavior be a rotten pattern in your society?

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I would really love to know the statistics on the “corporate” streets with this one. Life is simple, although it’s not that simple when it comes to everyday humanity. This video is moving to the bone of being nice to your fellow citizen on planet earth. Music never made politics but maybe politicians can listen to better music to get the job done. #giveitaspin

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“Rotten Apple Seeds” video debuts ahead of Kyle Bent’s freshest newest album, “Complex Simplicity” out on September 19 via Made in the Shade records.
It’s a coincidence the release date is same as the age of American rapper Bent, it all started out in third grade when Sean Fontes introduces him to the art of rapping. (No, I won’t tell you what I was listening to at that age!), basement recordings, rap duo’s, Audacity, Adobe Audition, Protools, Sony Vegas is how he kicked of some hip
hop dreams and by the age of thirteen he was delivering decent quality rap records in his new home. Fast-forwarding to adulthood after heaps of praises, plays and colleagues in the production field, Kyle loves bringing people closer and together through his music. His career despite his youth shows the stamina of his goals for transforming rotten societies into a big mission of hope as we are dropping our carefree-ism on the way. What would you do if an apple came to your window? Would love to check out this Apple Experiment in the Greek regions….Let the lyrics flow and music will follow!

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