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AUTOMatic – Talkin Bout Love

AUTOMatic – Talkin Bout Love


Marathon is an upcoming album full of stories and vibes.

We need more love in our life and this message is all flowing on our October playlist. I just can’t get enough of this track, it just makes you start rejoicing and dancing….
Listen to what AUTOMatic have to say, and we have a small surprise in the end…to come.

A marathon race is one of the most grueling things a person can do to their bodies. It is 26.2 miles of pain, small triumphs and setbacks, moments of glory and frustration. It’s also the perfect parallel to the process of making an album and trying to have a career in music as an underground artist. This is why AUTOMatic decided on the title Marathon for their 4th full length album. They have been slowly pounding the pavement towards their goal since they released their 1st full length album Audiology back in 2008. The path has been extremely challenging to get to where they are and there are still many more miles ahead of them in order for them to meet their goal of being full time musicians.

From the 1st single “Talkin Bout Love” that examines the need for more love in the world to “I, of the Storm” which discusses how music is being consumed, discarded, and forgotten about at an alarming rate. There is a balance of general story telling and personal experience woven into each track of Marathon, something fans of AUTOMatic are familiar with through experiencing the classic albums of their discography Transistor (2010) and Art Imitates Life (2012).

Find it on the October playlist

The group fell off for a few years between Art Imitates Life and Marathon, producing 1 mixtape and 1 EP in 4 years, but it’s their relationship and work with Speech of Arrested Development that has reinvigorated the group and pushed them to write, record, and put out Marathon. Speech is a guest on “Rising Sun” from the ARISING EP (2015) and also took time to introduce The Air Quotes Mixtape (2014).

The style of rap that is popular has seemed to pass AUTOMatic by, as they are more traditional in sound, but with De La Soul’s new album hitting #1 on the rap charts in America and excitement surrounding the talk of a new A Tribe Called Quest album being recorded before the untimely passing of Phife, emcee APRIME and producer Trellmatic hold out hope that there are still ears out there who thirst for the brand of hip-hop they create.

On 11.11.16, they will find out.

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