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JAUBI – Time: The Donut of the hearts (J DILLA Cover)

JAUBI – Time: The Donut of the hearts (J DILLA Cover)

Jaubi (جو بھی) (an urdu word roughly translating to “whatever”) create whatever sounds good and feels good and surprise our hearts!

Jaubi, cultivating tradition from Detroit to Lahore (Pakistan) have just also paid a tribute to J DILLA on their new “The Deconstructed Ego” EP. There are elements of Hindustani (North Indian) classical music used and the album is a real gem. The sounds of a Sarangi, Tabla, Cajon, Kalimba, Guitar and vocals will sweep you away! You can buy the album and on vinyl release here. Excellent vibes that prove that we are one soul when we connect with music. A great inspiration that brings warmth to our hearts on this Monday!

I started realizing how important Dilla is through current day musicians looking up to him – like Robert Glasper, D’Angelo etc. Then I went back and listened a lot to his catalogue and it’s amazing. J Dilla’s ear was incredible. He wouldn’t only take samples and give them a whole new life, but he was also a hardworking and humble musician. He let the music speak for itself. ‘Fall in Love’ was one of the songs that caught me. Our song ‘Dilla Taal’ happened by accident. Zebi and Vicky were at my house and I had been listening to ‘Fall in Love’ earlier, so I started playing the grove. Then we switched the taal (rhythmic cycle) and recorded it in one take the next day. – says Ali

You can read more on the release through Astigmatic Records and connect with the band on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.