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IF Music | “You Need This – A Journey Into Deep Jazz Vol.2”

IF Music | “You Need This – A Journey Into Deep Jazz Vol.2”

Catering for the veteran, the dance-floor mover, the radio jock and the young-gun just getting into jazz, If Music’s Jean-Claude returns for a second spellbinding edition of ‘A Journey Into Deep Jazz‘. Going even deeper than volume 1, the triple vinyl pack is one to truly lose yourself in, with several of the tracks running over 12 minutes in length – Sparrow’s ‘Latin Black Funk’ even over 20 minutes!

The obscure gems contained on this compilation have either flown under the radar or remained out-of-print for many years, so there are bound to be fresh treats here for even the most obsessive collector. Dense without being over-challenging, raw yet enchanting, ‘A Journey Into Deep Jazz Volume 2’ is a collection of soul-stirring rarities to nourish the spirit. Buy on BBE here.


A1 Billy Bang Sextet – Abuella
B1 Sestetto Giorgio Gaslini – Free Actions – V Movimento
B2 Dick Griffin – Now Is The Time
C1 Tina Marsh Creative Opportunity Orchestra – Benediction
D1 Sparrow – Latin Black Funk
E1 George Russell Sextet feat. Jan Garberek – Theme/Souls
F1 Tina Marsh Creative Opportunity Orchestra – Pursuit
F2 Giorgio Gaslini – Free Actions – III Movimento

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