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Joseph Gkikas – Diamond Ring

Joseph Gkikas – Diamond Ring

Joseph Gkikas is a Greek singer-songwriter and guitarist from Arta, Greece. He is known for his retro sound influenced by his love for R&B, Soul and Rock n Roll. From crate-digger he became an artist actively expressing his creativity in the musical journey we call life.

All the greats are on the setlist when he plays with local bands in a variety of venues: Elvis Presley, Big Mama Thornton, CCR and Carl Perkins. The time though has come, for Joseph to kick into a new musical journey and sound with the launch of his first solo EP. We’ve chosen to roll “Diamond Ring” straight  at your ears, as this baby will dazzle your sight and senses. 
Vintage roots bursting out of an underground Jazz bar or a Jukebox Hut, a feeling of sweet summer and sexy hip-swaying lyrics to move any cold heart “Diamond Ring” is bound to dwell into your soul. Throughout the track Dinos Christou‘s Sax is sensational and fills up the flow. As Joseph continues to reference with nostalgia an era with it’s truths, it could all be said in mono however the solid stereo sound goes through the speakers bringing alive characters and dialogues from a black and white film with a glass of fine spirit in hand. Joseph Gkikas is an emotive vocalist with exceptional guitar skills, at times an up-tempo blues lover and others so smoothed out as a fine straightforward mystery man. 
All attendees on this EP, Leonidas Athanasiou (Drums), Foteini Fragkou (Bass), Achilleas Radis (Keyboards), Konstadina Nastou (Vocals), Panos Papakostas (Sound Engineer), Desi Nicol (Assistant Sound Engineer) all have their spotlight with a terrific balance as a whole body punctuating the great job done also at Noisyland Recordings.
We don’t have to tell you to stream “I have no money“, spin on the B-side, I think it will find it’s place in your bourbon to stir. 

If your looking out to sing your own humdrum vocals or just to enjoy some crispy clean guitar lines and dance to up tempo rock ‘n’ roll old style with a jive all you have to do is join Joseph Gkikas on his urban juke joint revolution that just spawned out from his debut EP we love so much.

You can buy the EP album here  or catch him on the Official Page, Facebook and Instagram. For serious enthusiasts his social profiles are full of great music and picture posts, so become a fan and embrace the “Northern” Greek Soul liking’s of #giveitaspin for today.
*photo by Lefteris Kalampokas


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