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Catherine Tunks- Thursday Morning

Catherine Tunks- Thursday Morning

Thursday morning I am free“. If you’re looking for a great way to start your day just fall into the world of Catherine Tunks (a talented New Zealand artist known to the world as Black Sand Diva). Feelings are an extravagance, created over the work of life, humming to music we find adrift.

What we love most about “Thursday Morning” is it’s pure serenity, lovely warm vocals soaring through moods purposely along with a pedal and lap steel and hypnotising guitar strings (yep it’s a live band). The track is taken from Part1 of The Beautiful Dreamers trilogy which you can stream on bandcamp.

It’s a trilogy of EP’s – a working concept for two songwriters (with Thomas Koenig) separated on either side of the planet, to work and tour together for 6 weeks of the year in seasonal turn in New Zealand in 2017, and in Germany August/September 2017 in a ‘Fly My Pretties’ style concept of International reach.

Cruise your day-dreaming and follow Catherine on her Official Website / Facebook page. Dwell into different bags of magic tricks, honesty and a summery perspective of life.

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