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giveme5 best videos of the week | E02
Roleplay - My Sun
Roleplay – My Sun
Delta – Swimming
aonian ascent © Alex Kozobolis 135kb
Aonian – Ascent
mcdead cover distro 1600387031058
McDead – Mercury Blue Tubes
Biiig Stretch – Aurora
Wray – Wishing
Jonny Cool – Portland Zoo
Creeptones – Hell and Ice
Johnny Franco – Stay Real

giveme5 best videos of the week | E02

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Samuel David – Finesse

Samuel David’s latest hip hop track has the earmarks of genuine statement and inspiration. The voice of responsibility comes from Wichita (Kansas). Conscious rhymes, without all the unnecessary explicit lyrics. We can start from the future, being upfront with small-growing ups’ surrounding us, moving on to our inner self-acceptance as we speak. Free fall with Finesse, into the world of upcoming Book of Samuel David. Stay close for the news, on the official website, Soundcloud and Twitter.

TV ME – Magdapio Falls

Indie pop enigma TV ME are a lush version of Bryan Ferry (or a Roxy Music output), making my knees all woozy. The sleek vocals aren’t so baritone, however, the hunger dives deeper as the track moves on. Magdapio Falls emphatically proves that there is life after “Apocalypse Now“. Dive into the cinematic Liverpool three piece project on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. Inspired by childhood, Playstations, memories of old computers and regurgitated pop culture it’s the best channel on the telly this week.

All XS – Millennials feat. Movements

All XS  have a secret bond and us as millennials have to figure it out. The video escalates feelings with magical light scattering. The new Swiss kids on the block just debuted Soma Fortuna United giving us perky synth pop, early British rave elements and Ethiopian drum rhythms as the core foundation. It’s genre free and genre full at the same time. Catch some vinyl on Bandcamp or Oh, Sister Records. Facebook vibes included.

Ask Carol – Gonna Do It

Ask Carol how you’re gonna do it. This video is so much fun! The Norwegian band started in Oslo by the name Ask and Karoline in 2015. Jimi Hendrix, Wilco, The Clash, Lauryn Hill and Robert Plant are some inspirations along the way, while they are touring or just hanging around on the globe. Instrumental virtuosity, extended jams on a skateboard!, fractured radio ready DIY indie-pop sensibility and amazing lyrical hooks, these guys will boost up your spirits with just a Fender and some groovy guitar strings. Ask Carol some intimate questions on Facebook or on their official website!

Beyoncé – Hold Up (NONA Cover)

Nona band have just raised up the bar on covers! This new alternative music project led by talented Michael Goldman over in LA will sweep only truth out of your ears. The featured track today is not only donating money to “Planned Parenthood“, but is also a beacon for women’s rights, gender equality and public health. You can also download it for free on Crowdrise and help with any additional donations! Find NONA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
ps. we also want that Wilco t-shirt too Michael!
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