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Aonian – Woven

Aonian – Woven

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In his debut single Woven, Aonian paints the musical picture, be it romantic, cultural or planetary. The Greek-born and London-based artist brings out the richness of heritage over modern-sounding music. “Blending past and present, the roots and the endeavors” as he states on his profile, will only make you feel like you’re floating over the deep blue Mediterranean sea. It’s a breath of fresh air, as you open the window to bold life, trying to find out the soul’s warmest cravings. Aonian speaks of great wonders in this wordless track, a beautiful light piercing progression. Willing to place all your innermost feelings over memory and time, Woven will keep you warm in winter and cool in Summer.

Not only should you keep a look-out for future works, Aonian  I’m sure of it, will travel far with his compositional talents. He blends in with the “Erased Tapes” aesthetics so much, that tones and meanings can only be pretty, thought-experimentfull and rewarding. And just for some wiki blabber, the adjective Aonian usually meant “Heliconian” and reffered to the Muses. Aonia was used as a poetic term from many, and especially for Mt. Helicon home of the Muses and birthplace of the Greek poet Hesiod. In a few months I’m sure we will have more news on the full release! Stay tuned.

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