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June Favs 2017

June Favs 2017



Summer is officialy here (in Greece) and all we want is to share the vibrant colors of our sunny feelings to the rest of the world.  I’ve just handpicked 15 stellar favs of the month to pump up your smile attitude! Keep an eye on this list, as it’s growing day by day!


Madou – Nowhere Else

Debut single “Nowhere Else” from Madou is the recently upstarted project from Belgian duo Jochen Sablon and Vincent De Boeck. It’s powerful and refreshing, full of those glitchy Jamie XX, Pional and Four Tet inspirations. The coolest track of our June! Give it a spin via Nest. It’s also on our Spotify playlist here!
Josh One – Further (feat. Eighty)

The Boomnote Music Label is dj and producer Josh One’s Long Beach based creation. I love discovering new labels. The roster is huge, full of timeless and authentic beats and electronic pieces. Further is a leap of faith into a new dawn. The vocals are in charge of our destiny. The mesmerizing track is an opaque labyrinth to get lost in it’s galaxy. It’s on repeat actually for many many days… reminding me of some good old “Orgone” beats.


Metal Disco – Silence In Your Eyes

It was about time to feature something from Melbourne based label Detonic Recordings! Actually I’m really stoked, I just bought Metal Disco’s latest tape release in a handmade red leatherette pouch (ai ai ai) with some extra included goodies! I didn’t even know that Metal Disco are a Post-EBM outfit from Greece’s beautiful Rhodes island! A sweaty celebration of rhythms, this track will keep you on the darkwave dancefloor until the end of time. I’ll be back for a full review once the EP arrives at the giveitaspin headquarters.

Firewood Poetry – Anterior

Firewood Poetry builds up the inner flame in Anterior, a track that basically reflects memories from a trip to India. There is a more personal description in the makings, on Soundcloud. The bpm are quite synchronized with my footsteps today, I can feel the energy flowing and take a glimpse of the fractions of truth upon one others soul. Routine always allows memories to trespass again in the future. The loop works are a beacon of love and light. Test your tranquility with some spoken words today.


Unda De Sango – Fi File
The track is taken from Unda De Sango’s second EP which is out on Boyoom Connective and one of our favorites from last month too! Heavily taken by the creole language, culture and different music styles of the French West Indies during his stay in Guadeloupe, he crafted 6 tracks full of samples and colourful captivating soundscapes. This is how we want our summer to sound like! You can feel the breeze throughout!

Best Friend – Full Colour

Best Friend are a favorite pick this year on the giveitaspin radio show, and we know you love them too! A production trio from London UK who love to slice up old 12 inches and Youtube videos reassembling them into summery, soulful chill-hop beats! You can’t miss these great vibes and truly the beautiful artwork. Lets keep this friendship on musical fire! Don’t forget to download “Weekend with Best Friend” before you hit the beaches!

Two Another – Waiting On You

The London based act just released their new EP “Two” which is pure silky smooth soultronica! The duo made up of two best friends from different parts of the globe have caught us by surprise! Inspired by Motown classics, 90s R&B and electronica you can feel the catchy bass-lines and stripped back instrumentals. Keep an eye on them, they will sizzle us more in the upcoming months.

Shabazz Palaces – Julian’s Dream

Sub Pop fav album of the month!


Lomea – Ideologue

Lomea (pronounced Low-maya) is the experimental electronic project from producer Rich Keyworth. His signature style is defined by a blend of manipulated organic instruments and real-world field recordings, with all manner of synths and other electronic sound sources.


Basak – Waves

One of the first singles from Basak’s upcoming album called “Trying Really Hard To Do A Calm Activity”.


5thPlanet – SpaceRoxx

To dive into your cosmos, don’t forget to grab the A side of a digital 12″ maxi single SpaceRoxx! Full of captured sounds & artifacts from the Asteroid Belt Parkway. More on this music system on bandcamp.


Benny Cassette – Maxine

Maxine features a strong, pounding beat, trumpet interludes and lyrics based on a letter written to a childhood girlfriend!

Tendts – 6000 Years

I can’t wait for my “Pill Sessions” to arrive. It’s a VA compilation the first on Athenian Nutty Wombat records. This limited edition 4GB USB Drive  in a colorful pill-capsule shape includes all 17 tracks in digital format, artists bio, HD photos and a logo sticker. Is it my birthday? Could be! The easily digestive music pill includes tracks from different styles, artists and people of the club-electronic culture, one could rephrase it as encapsulated diversity! 18 left to fix you up here! The best form of a release I’ve ever encountered this year from Greece! Keep it up mates. Of course  our paranoise radio buddies Tendts are on the hotplate!

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Safetalk – Universal (JeanGa & George remix)

London duo JeanGa & George add a breezy, Balearic flair to Safetalk’s debut single!


Jimpster – The Sun Comes Up (Peggy Gou 6am mix)

It’s time for a sunny 12″ inch to keep this going. If you have followed me hard in the past, you know what a Jimpster fan I am. Buy it here before it sparkles out! Peggy Gou continues her meteoric rise with a mesmerizing remix of Jimpster’s second single from the acclaimed Silent Stars LP.

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