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Vandenborre – Love’s Truth Behind (feat. Lilo’s Wall)

Vandenborre – Love’s Truth Behind (feat. Lilo’s Wall)

Nic is the very young and talented bandleader of Vandenborre (sounds like a magic castle or premises), a Singapore-born and London-based Indie project that flows in between genres and sonic explorations. I suppose you don’t get that mix-match every day. Last album of Vandenborre and guests, Feast of Worms has been exploring the funkatronic, indie-alt side of life, however, today we are one step ahead. Giveitaspin is featuring Love’s Truth Behind an emotional, cello-heavy neoclassical ballad that came out a few days ago to shake our classical composition. The track also features outstanding UK folk duo Lilo’s Wall and landed on youtube in astral sentimentalism.

Not a sole favor of the heart, rather than a gathering of two titans, the shredding of flowers illuminating a secret pathway through mist or a romantic cry of invisible nature in its dynamic range. Love’s Truth Behind is an ecstatic build up in a land of everywhere to go. Vandenborre will keep on floating our feelings like colorful balloons in a music’s Midlake. Where there is imagination there is exploration and we can’t wait to see what’s around the corner. Do you also breeze in some Sylvian & Sakamoto vibes?
The lyrics of the track are engraved in description forever on Souncloud

Niki Sorogas
Niki Sorogas


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