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Daily Music Discoveries 22.07.2017

Daily Music Discoveries 22.07.2017


Daily Music Discoveries


5 handpicked tracks to fulfil your Daily Music Discoveries!

giveitaspin for Seth Glier, This Bliss, Piano Club, Group Photos and Hoax.

Each day we are on the #giveitaspin hunt to find everything that makes us genre fully happy.

Seth Glier – For What It’s Worth (Buffalo Springfield cover)

Seth Glier is a raw gem. He just released his own take on Buffalo Springfield’s anti-war anthem For What It’s Worth. Seth believes it was imperative for this song to come back to life given the current political climate. The track will be included in Seth’s upcoming studio album, Birds, on August 25th. In early 2016, Seth gave a TEDx Talk in which he discussed how gratitude is not a state of peace or arrival, but a bitter battle for balance and reason. This was inspired after losing his brother Jamie to severe autism and led to the start of the writing of Birds, which was expressed in the previous release,” I’m Still Looking .” You can pre-order the album on iTunes and stream “I’m Still Looking”on Spotify too.

This Bliss – Hurt Me

This Bliss introduces us to a brand new musical genre: True Grime!  Based in Boston Jess Baggia, Tom Maroon, Glenn Smith, Jonathan Taft and Nick Zampiello are creating a buzz around their name. They mix it up all together with drum machines, samplers, live instrumentation and have even a special light/video show going on (so catch them live!). You’ll find lots of demo music online, at least two full albums however they are creating their own musical path … with a haze machine. Oh, and they also like Portishead and The Birthday Party so I definitely love them back! Extra video credits as you will find elements of the movie ‘Black Angel‘ from 1946.

Piano Club – Esther (feat. Lylou)

Belgium based electro-pop-rock band Piano Club deliver a danceable track packed with the 80s sentimental influence and a clever melody loaded with cosmic obsession!

Group Photos – Infirmary

We’ve never been to San Bernardino (US), however we have discovered Group Photos to take us on a virtual music tour. When you hit play to Infirmary you will get all those Joy Division, Editors and She Wants Revenge vibes, there is a freshness though a glitter of indie hope from backstage to front. Sweet melancholy and a drop of dream pop will be served on an alternative plate, just crank up the volume. You’ll find this opening track single off the new Self Titled EP on August the 20th.

Hoax – The Truth

Kicking things into high gear! I just love The Truth revealed from Hoax! Loads of fruity guitar licks, a great drum beat and smooth vocals spurting out the heat of the night from the backseat of a conversation. The song is about the breakdown of love, as they state, “in the end, it is just hoping that someone is thinking about you  as deeply as you think about them. A death to the self. Simple selflessness”. I’ve also just finished watching “13 reasons why” today and I could imagine it playing in the background if there was a S02. They have a great taste and you can follow them around for all updates on the social media pages…But hey, we have more giveme5 tapes to come….
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