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Post Lovers – Going Anyway

Post Lovers – Going Anyway

Post Lovers just increased DIY music fidelity by sharing the official video for Going Anyway. It’s the b-side debut, released on a 7inch /digital indeed with the August waves on Inner Ear’s project (limited box)  A Distant Victory Singles Club.


Fun facts: 

  • Post Lovers is a solo project. Behind the scene find Eleni Karageorgou.
  • Post Lovers move slowly and don’t trust easily.
  • Beneficial musicians make a great contribution to rehearsals and live gigs.
  • Post lovers play small in duration indie-folk songs, talk in personal style, love “backup” – “second” vocal bases and the 90s (they grew up in).

Feel the impact and central thread of alternative lush running through the music of Post Lovers.
Don’t forget to listen to the A:side

Find Post Lovers on [Facebook] and [Soundcloud]
Pre-order on [iTunes] or [ Bandcamp]

Niki Sorogas
Niki Sorogas


As a passionate music writer, radio producer (with a friendly Aussie accent), and freestyle Dj since the post-00s, Niki knows her way around music and loves the cultural escapades. Follow the vibes!


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