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radicule. – Urameshi Chefin’

radicule. – Urameshi Chefin’

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Radicule. is one of the coolest // mazoku // beats & graphics mastermind out there!


I‘m blasting the bumps today and it’s coming straight from NYC with Radicule. vibes. He’s been cookin’ out music and baking limited edition tapes since 2013, you’ll need days to get all your soulful ears into this. It’s truly my style.
Radicule.s latest album  CHAPTER BLACK: the bump tape can be found on bandcamp. Track Urameshi Chefin’ is one of many gritty, yet shimmering gems off the tape inspired by the 90s anime hit, Yu Yu Hakusho. A simple nod in the direction of childhood nostalgia and the spirit world.
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Some words on the album_

inspired by hours of beat konducta, medicine show, and yu yu hakusho reruns.

deep in the spirit world archives lies the counterpart to the chapter black vhs. a beat tape, said to be just as lethal and soul-crushing as its visual brethren. the cassette was said to be lost ages ago, after a clan of mazoku-level demons stormed koenma’s palace in a blind rage.

however, the tape has been rediscovered and has been played in secret for generations. necks broken all across spirit world & demon world, the batch of beats have made its way into the human domain.

listen at your own discretion & protect ya neck.