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Your favorite PIC-NIC, music and cinema? No need to travel far!

Your favorite PIC-NIC, music and cinema? No need to travel far!


An idea that a few years ago seemed crazy, has become one of the favorite dates for Thessaloniki. Pic-Nic Urban Festival, organized for the sixth consequent year, returns to the Roman Forum, promising to be, once more, the best summer memory. To be part of it… you do not need to travel far!


From the 30th of August till the 1st of September 2017, the archaeological site of Roman Forum, welcomes young and old pic-nicers, giving them the chance to experience one of the most important urban historic sites of Thessaloniki, in an unforgettable way! This year’s PIC-NIC is accompanied by Estrella Damm, the favourite beer of Barcelona, bringing its Mediterranean attitude to the PIC-NIC.



Music and cinema, during a large urban pic-nic, this is the idea behind PIC-NIC Urban Festival, which, however, is bringing surprises to its friends!

True to the purpose it had set since its first year, to look for the new sounds of Thessaloniki, PIC-NIC Urban Festival, this year presents some of the most interesting bands of the city. This year’s PIC-NIC kicks off on Wednesday 30th of August with Yako Trio, the musical meeting of three young men, combining traditional Greek music with jazz, followed by Vasilis Petridis and Gaile, who will present to the audience a unique blend of traditional, rebetiko and indie sound. On Thursday, August 31st, on PIC-NIC’s stage welcomes the promising Cheek By Jowl, an English-rock funk rock band with blues-soul elements and influences from the international pop scene, followed by Elinna, who will present her first personal work, in indie rock and blues style. On Friday, September 1, the last day of this year’s PIC-NIC, Dimitris Basslam joins PIC-NIC with his musicians to narrate his favorite melodic stories, while Caja Secreta is the musical end of this year’s event, promising an unforgettable trip to the world of flamenco music through their music.

The short film unit, is of course once more part of PIC-NIC’s schedule. Animasyros, the International Animation Short Film Festival of Syros, turns this year 10 years old and before celebrating it, stops by the Roman Forum, bringing some of the best short films from its latest editions.PIC-NIC, however, is for three days, the city’s most unique open-air cinema. This year, it presents on its big screen, three unique films that during the last few years fascinated both young and old. On Wednesday 30/8, PIC-NIC’s program opens with La La Land, a love story for those who dream. The program continues on Thursday 31/8, with the moving story of Captain Fantastic, a father determined to raise his six children in a physically and spiritually unconventional way, and closes on Friday 1/9 with a trip to the most amazing hotel of all; The Grand Budapest Hotel! The enigmatic Mr. Mustafa, the owner of the hotel, tells his story, the last night of PIC-NIC in the Roman Forum and to hear it…you do not have to travel far!The most unique summer meeting for Thessaloniki’s residents and visitors, is at the end of August, for the sixth time, under the auspices of Municipality of Thessaloniki and as always, in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Thessaloniki City. One of the most important archaeological sites of Thessaloniki, becomes for three days the only destination. Not to be missed!

Ticket: 3 euros/day

The festival’s schedule

Wednesday 30/8

19.00 Yako Trio

20.00 Vasilis Petridis and Gaile

21.00 Short Film [selected by Animasyros]

21.15 LaLaLand

Thursday 31/8

19.00 Cheek by Jowl

20.00 Elinna

21.00 Short Film [selected by Animasyros]

21.15 Captain Fantastic

Friday 1/9

19.00 Dimitris Baslam

20.00 Caja Secreta

21.00 Short Film [selected by Animasyros]

21.30 Grand Budapest Hotel

PIC-NIC 2017


Roman Forum of Thessaloniki


Organised by: Parenthesis)

In collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Thessaloniki City