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Listen to: K.A.S.H – Farside

Listen to: K.A.S.H – Farside

K.A.S.H aka Kash Khan is a Vancouver based techno / IDM producer and has delivered “Farside” on Mono Grande a few months ago. It’s a caffeinated melody that typically wakes up every muscle in your body. The “ping-pong” bleeps and addictive vocal samples just add layers of electronic flavor to a constant repeat. A few piano notes and claps bake the cherry on a pie. It’s a beautiful melody to chill with. The original version has gained underground popularity, turning it into a full EP with various edits.

The EP is  K.A.S.H’s 2nd release after his debut album Made Of Kings back in 2016. For the likes of Nicolas Jaar, Radiohead, and Aphex Twin. 

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Niki Sorogas
Niki Sorogas


As a passionate music writer, radio producer (with a friendly Aussie accent), and freestyle Dj since the post-00s, Niki knows her way around music and loves the cultural escapades. Follow the vibes!


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