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Carlos Hof – Singularity

Carlos Hof – Singularity

Emotional track Singularity is for orchestral lovers, and seekers of the mysterious murmurations!

Born in Madrid, Carlos Hof founded the record company ORIGAMI Records with which he launched more than 30 groups to the music scene in Spain and internationally. Over the years his way of seeing the music took a turn to focus on the composition and production of orchestral music of Neoclassic court. Encouraged by the Many favorable reviews have recorded their latest works, Lumine and Singularity (cover design by Gregory Kalampoukas), with a symphony orchestra of 80 musicians. He is currently preparing a piano-based disc, his mother instrument, with chamber music and electronic arrangements, as well as working on the composition of soundtracks.

Find Carlos on Facebook, Bandcamp and check out the Official Website.

Niki Sorogas
Niki Sorogas


As a passionate music writer, radio producer (with a friendly Aussie accent), and freestyle Dj since the post-00s, Niki knows her way around music and loves the cultural escapades. Follow the vibes!


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