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Daily Music Discoveries 29.04.18

Daily Music Discoveries 29.04.18


5 fresh genre full tracks, handpicked for your Sunday featuring:


Amo Amo 

“When We’re Gone” is the debut single (produced by Jim James!) from a collective of seasoned musicians based in Los Angeles, CA. / Website /

Blende ft. Mickael Karkousse

“Do You Remember” perfectly updates the seedy sound of late 70s Munich for the clubs of today. / Facebook /

Akua Naru

Hip hop meets neo-soul as artist/activist AKUA NARU celebrates black triumphs and joy with new single ‘Made It‘ which features Grammy Nominated soul veteran, Eric Benét. / Facebook /

Luke Marzec

“Alone in the city” is just breathtaking for a track. It seems I’m in love with Luke’s entire EP ‘Chances‘. Cathartic, genre full and heart grasping music scenery! Luke Marzec is one of my favorite music discoveries this year! / Facebook /

Jerome Hadey

“There is a moment” is a new track from the album JHADEY outbursting in May! Despite all of talented Jerome’s (health) problems in life, music is what matters the most and love, that’s what we have on the plate today from the Tuscan countryside. There are always people behind songs, just so we remember and feel fortunate about their creativity every single day! To top off things, this video is amazing! / Instagram /



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