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Blakaut – Breathless / Χωρίς Ανάσα

Blakaut – Breathless / Χωρίς Ανάσα

Blakaut is a (mono) cold electronic project from Athens, Greece, founded in January 2017. On MVP-02 [Detonic Recordings] you will find two crushing blasts of deep-frozen mutant techno from the Disco at the end of the universe. A chosen name well, think of the images, the idea, rather than the substance, however it thrives. Doom cold-electronic energy at the top speed to deliver an upbeat revolution. It’s always the uncomfortable axioms that take the duct-tape off our feet.

While the music is undoubtedly influenced by the pressures of the European neu-austerity, Blakaut warps their analogue minimalism with joyous and invigorating surges of irresistible dynamics. This is Music to scream to, Music to riot to and of course: Music to f*ck to

*Χωρις Ανασα (Breathless) has samples from the Greek Tv Series Κοκκινος Κυκλος (Kokkinos Kyklos – Red Circle) by Panos Kokkinopoulos.

*Υπαρχοντας (Existing) has sample from the movie “Η Έκρηξη” (I Ekriksi – The Explosion) aka “The Blast” by Syllas Tzoumerkas.


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“Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) is an incremental Compilation to be built over the next year by Detonic Recordings. Each Month an on-line single will be published with an “A” and “B” side from each participating artist. Check out what follows:

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