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BLCKEBY – Hello! I’m Trying My Best [Oneirodes Label]

BLCKEBY – Hello! I’m Trying My Best [Oneirodes Label]

Oneirodes collective and label based in Kavala (GR) share their 4th release – from BLCKEBY (Marco Diamubeni – electronic music artist from Rome, Italy) entitled Hello! I’m Trying My Best. What ties all the tracks together in this four-track EP is the understanding of the lo-fi/experimental future beats as a force of underground sound, controlling one’s heart to fly where it’s musically free.  The accompanied youtube visuals by Bronco are immaculately warm. Flooding hums, low vibes and assuring enthusiastic highs encapsulate abstract electronica to constructed swarms of soundtrack material. Bollywood Blossom was featured in E12S02 of the giveitaspin radio show. 


Best of all you can download the album for free below, or even better support the artist and label any way you can!



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Niki Sorogas
Niki Sorogas


As a passionate music writer, radio producer (with a friendly Aussie accent), and freestyle Dj since the post-00s, Niki knows her way around music and loves the cultural escapades. Follow the vibes!


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