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Bluestaeb – Left & Right

Bluestaeb – Left & Right


Today’s fav track Left & Right comes spinning from producer Bluestaeb. In between Paris and Berlin for life and work, he managed to release a smooth epic neo-soul infused album named Everything Is Always a Process out via our favourite tastemaker label Jakarta Records. Collaborating also with featuring artists such as Noah Slee (Majestic Casual),  Harleighblu Tru Thoughts ) and Melodiesinfonie 

This is how our summer of 2018 sounds like! A groundbreaking slo-movement from ever-shifting to laidback intense. 

In “Left & Right“, Bluestaeb blends his usual bedroom producer style of production with more live elements and samples from classic jams / bringing forward a heavy neo-soul influence which bounces and grooves.

This song is a result of moving from Berlin to Paris. I was in a new environment, felt more free, and had to switch it up from all those 91bpm Hip-Hop beats. In Paris I met the pianist and producer Jonathan Aréna. We immediately connected and started having sessions pretty much every weekend, which formed the sound aesthetic of the album (even though at the end he only plays on 4 tracks) – also because he has all this analog equipment laying around.

On Left & Right, I already had the basic groove and chords done when we did a session at his place to make this a full track. I remember him just playing around with the bass line for several minutes, when all of the sudden he came up with that loop you can hear in the final song. I always recorded everything, so when I heard him playing that particular bass line I immediately got up and was like “stop, this is it” haha. Back in my own studio I still felt that something was missing, so I created the second part with the drum switch up and arranged the whole song around it. – Bluestaeb

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