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Listen to SUMMER’S RAIN, the second single from NothingAboutME!

Listen to SUMMER’S RAIN, the second single from NothingAboutME!

Following the recent release of BLUEBELL from duo Joe Dworniak and Sarah Stanton comes SUMMER’S RAIN, the second single from NothingAboutME – a stand-out track tinged with emotive contrasts and contradictions. It suits the weather in Thessaloniki this week too!

SUMMER’S RAIN explores the feelings associated with a seemingly inescapable relationship. The track portrays the desperation and emptiness of being stuck in a space where neither person is able to leave or hold on.

The use of compression and droning arpeggio add to the tension of the lyrics, illustrating an overall sense of ineludible envelopment within the composition. Screaming synths and high-pitch vocals sing out the desire to escape while “dangling by a thread.” Evoking a sense of pouring rain, the liquescent quality of the music and the baseline’s pulsing generator add to the feeling of endlessness. The light and warmth within the relationship have been dampened and the love drowned out.

The natural world surrounds these inwards floating moments of bliss in “Summer’s Rain”. Can I hear Kate Bush bubbling through the corner? Direct sunlight through the heart will pass by indeed. #giveitaspin


Melodically the verses have a child-like quality juxtaposed by a sense of the sinister. These elements are emphasized in the accompanying music video by BAFTA award-winning filmmaker/director, Martina Amati: “I often work with water and people floating in gravity defying or metaphysical spaces…for this pop-promo Ollie morphs in different shapes and movements, inspired by this incredible architectural setting.” The video was filmed at the Jubilee Pool, iconic art-deco 1930’s sea water lido, in Penzance, Cornwall and mainly shot using an iPhone 7!

NothingAboutME was formed in 2016. The name was chosen idealistically as an identity for the songwriting duo. The intention was to shift the focus away from the artists themselves, and keep the attention on the personality of the music and the equal importance of the artistic collaborators working on each project.

NothingAboutME’s debut EP has just been released!

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