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Athenian beatmaker Lost Son returns with album “Flying Colors”!

Athenian beatmaker Lost Son returns with album “Flying Colors”!


Greek beatmaker Lost Son just shared his new album Flying Colors with us and it literally is beats flowing everywhere in all synesthetic direction! Melody, boom bap, hip-hop and romantic climaxes are the key ingredients to fall in love with the music Lost Son produces.

 “What’s Your World” along with the rest of the tracks, had been in the works for a couple of months before the release, so now I can say that I’m’ really relieved, proud and happy to be finally presenting you the final product.

Lost Son is consistently productive in the last years, with his musical offerings and you can hear obviously how the tracks take a new hold of time as things evolve around his heart and mind. His sound will be familiar really to anyone interested. There is a perfect balance between the sampling and the cuts, actually, I would love to name some of the gem tracks he has used but that’s always a beatmakers secret. The songs on the album patiently work together through a personal apocalypse and we thank him for his spirit.

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