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More Giraffes – Basement (Live in Highland Park)

More Giraffes – Basement (Live in Highland Park)

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More Giraffes, have it all! Ice-cream colours, chillout luscious vibes and a tall tall heart to caress us all with their music makings. The LA-based duo and friends gathered around for this stunning video and it’s like going for a roller coaster ride with butterflies in your tummy while you’re just sitting on your sofa.

 “We love weird and interesting musical toys, so we wanted to see how we could bring Basement into the real world using some cool synths and a few friends. The song is super fun and we had such a good time making this with some really awesome musicians!”

More Giraffes are friendly to our #giveitaspin environment. Musicians Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford collided over a shared passion for new wave futuristic pop music ideal for the modern attention span. Together, they create songs laced with wit, fresh beats, and undeniable melodies. With active careers in songwriting and production, Mark and Keeley turned to More Giraffes as an artistic playground and the end result is carefree pop that leaves you smiling and ready to smash the repeat button.

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