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Listen: Transistor Girl – Quiet Regret

Listen: Transistor Girl – Quiet Regret


Drifting beats, a guitar that picks out the essences in between. And above all, a warm thoughtful voice is singing of mistakes: “I could have been braver, I could have been smarter.”

In their new single “Quiet Regret“, Transistor Girl from Geneva tell of the whirring pain of regret and pack this mood into melodies full of longing. Whoever lives life – he will not be able to ignore this song.

The Genevans could be considered an intimate alternative to Radiohead or Fink. Their live shows stay in your head for a long time. With their deep songs, the band creates an atmosphere that makes your whole body tingle. As you can see for yourself on Vimeo they deliver on stage, like you’re listening to the album and are full of alternative temperament!


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