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Erik Deutsch’s dazzling psych-dub “Little Bell” reflects a jazzy adventure!

Erik Deutsch’s dazzling psych-dub “Little Bell” reflects a jazzy adventure!

Featured photo credits: Shervin Lainez

Some music pieces just come from a heavenly space. Erik Deutsch’s Little Bell rings a fusion of dub and psychedelia and the ten-minute jam is bittersweet, intelligent, and melodic creating a spacious journey into the unknown. A heart-rendering keyboardist, Erik will be releasing Falling Flowers mid-September on LoHi Records.

Group membered experimentations are marked usually by a sense of tension, however, in this case, it all blends together musically in a fluid pot of bucolic and calm beauty. Little Bell is a stylish message, romanticism, waves, urban humming and summery sketches to my ears. However, the spaced-out shadows might change with each listening. Take me back to a Cluster & Eno feeling with an ECM sprout.

Over the last two decades plus, Erik Deutsch has earned a stellar reputation as a bandleader and collaborator, working with artists like Steven BernsteinTheo BleckmannRosanne CashNels ClineCharlie HunterShooter JenningsNorah JonesLeftover SalmonShelby Lynne, and many, many more. At the same time, he’s made five albums under his own name full of willfully uncategorizable compositions that combine jazz, funk, country, and rock into a swirling, raucous blend that jumps, struts, croons, and shouts.

Erik Deutsch is on the road all summer with JRAD, Leftover Salmon, and others but will be performing a small run of Falling Flowers release shows in the fall.

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