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Fennec – Maratua

Fennec – Maratua

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Sweet and salty droplets freefalling on the sides of our danceable faces.  Fennec is on the decks.

It’s a time to collectively let go on the vibe floor. Become one with the 75% in our bodies. Or else electronic blood brothers and sisters with what’s left over. Maratua is a collective track with an idiosyncratic vision taken off the album So That I May See You Again.

I would gladly give away more of the standard vinyl price to buy this album. And actually, it’s free online to download digitally. There are some cool t-shirts to buy for support! Fennec overloads on warmth, signature mixing all over the place. It’s just overwhelming euphoria, an album I needed to get away with in summer. It was at first one track, however, the whole album is on repeat growing through me.

A festival in my head, twinkling LED dawn and dusks, optimistic electronic, house, leftfield, experimental colours and knobs twisting and turning away to heat up my running heart. Fennec has a deep impact on my soul. Shapeshifting the wild elements of nostalgia, regret and memory it’s calling us to fall in love all over again. That means Fennec is here to stay forever with us on It’s quite rare to fall in love with a whole album these days, please please please labels out there press this on vinyl or I will go make a label myself one -day if I knew how to get there any sooner!

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