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Humeysha – Haunted

Humeysha – Haunted

Haunted the video message, relies on a psychedelic indie mentality, its actual musical origins trailing by the incorporation of Bollywood musical traditions. The technique could be easily dismissed as the project of Zain Alam Humeysha, he has just announced the next record after his following success of a self-titled debut. Biographical, ambitious vocals are peppered with a multi-dimensional expansion of a skittering sound spanning from New York to New Delhi.

If you want to hear the whole apocalypse you’ll have to wait until August 30th, it’s premiering on Stereogum. Until then #giveitaspin. It’s a fire-contender of a video, for now, that brings together all your favorite alternative listenings. It’s a mythical space and form, giving birth to a new experimental-ness, Sounds melting in a pot full of futility and love. 


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