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Sweet summer vibes by Jonny Dee

Sweet summer vibes by Jonny Dee


Jonny Dee doesn’t really fit in today’s hip-hop-scene. To say it in his words, “Everything from his sound to the way he dresses & acts, is very different from others making rap music these days. He’s more of a what some would call a hippie, than a rapper.”

The San Diego multiinstrumentalist, rapper, and singer has role-models like Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles and David Bowie, where the rock-influence of his tracks come from. But he is also inspired by names like Kid Audi and Outkast, which can be heard in his rap-flow and vocals.

Let yourself be carried away by the smooth guitar chords and the sweet voice of Jonny Dee on a beautiful summer day and make sure to listen to his new Album “The Human Experience“.

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