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The rumbling Matchstick Skeletons, told ya so!

The rumbling Matchstick Skeletons, told ya so!

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The Matchstick Skeletons came out of the grave swinging. Their debut single has just arrived and Told Ya So is drizzling with flames of haunting desire. It’s actually a project of two, formed by singer/multi-instrumentalist Neu Mannas and drummer Matty Carolei, they took some time to form a full music body (humor). After a decade on the road in between – chart-topping, radio music awards, tours and record making – all over, Canada their native land was calling them.

They rattle as being a James Brown ‘n’ Lemmy love child nobody asked for in the first place but here you are stuck on them! Inspired by old Funk records, terrifying (Dunkirk) OSTs (Neu is a film composer) it’s a statement of being. Actually living in the present to shake our days up. The video puts out an amazing Tarantino/B Horror movie vibe. In the future, I would love for a “Christine” inspiration guys! A killer track from a trivializing band that can play their own afterthoughts. Rumble away, Wilfred!

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