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5 tracks to spin this week! 30th September 2018

5 tracks to spin this week! 30th September 2018


Every day we handpick a track that has grabbed our love and attention. As soon as we take 5 in for a spin, we will share with you all to enjoy. It might be something favourite, a new discovery or even an exclusive track. Stay tuned!

Mildlife – Phase II

Midlife is the kind of band you fall in love with from the very first of seconds. Phase II is psychedelic and groovy, a cruise on your private spaceship. However, if you want to return on planet earth it will only take you 11:22′ out of the wormhole. The flute brings in a naturalistic hope over the synths, percussion and guitar locking it up in the 60s kraut-rock era. Phase II is an explosion of music momentum on the basis of cosmic psych and jazz spirits. Join these Melbourne mates on this ride here. Don’t forget to buy the debut album Phase on Research Records.

Radicule. – Throwaway Dunks (G-Leaguee.)

Radicule. is a true music friend on the G.I.A.S plate for two years now? He always delivers! This time it’s a slam dunk for the lo-fi bass grid where he’s running at. Throwaway Dunks is the continuous vibe lurking on a nebulous odyssey of boom-bap drives. It’s a strong report of piano chords and bass kicks on the game floor. Get more beat hoops on EP HiiiGHLIGHT_REEL.01. The future is near for more material!

Electric Lemming – This Dead Sun

It’s hip being in psychedelia these days however only a few bands deliver with an original style of good vibes. It wasn’t hard for me to start playing with the Electric Lemming, especially if you are a fan of The Mountain of One or The Pretty Things. Behind this attempt is Yanik Garon, he just recorded six songs during 2018 which you can listen to here. I swear I thought it was a 5 piece jamming!

Ostrich Bouquet – Your Name

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Roleplay - My Sun

These guys can switch out the best of you just with their cool style of neo-psychedelia, post-rock and shoegaze vibes. The notes are equally weighed among members and Your Name just flows as a front-runner. Ostrich Bouquet just released Perennial EP and it’s all about insecurity, loss, confidence and optimism. If you want your head in the alternative jungle just press play here.

Toranpetto – Satellite

Toranpetto (トランペット) aka Farnell Newton is a record producer, talented trumpeter, composer and arranger who produces mainly atmospheric instrumental mixes having always essential elements from the jazz, soul, hip-hop and funk scene. You can find him touring all over when he’s not teaching or working with youth! Catch him on the Northwest Soul Academy brand and buy the track here. He has conquered my ears with surprising fluidity!

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