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Francis Novotny ft. Keynes Woods in Sinner

Francis Novotny ft. Keynes Woods in Sinner

Sinner is the fresh single out on Black Butter Records from uprising singer/producer Francis Novotny featuring MC  Keynes Woods.

This has to be on your playlist! Swedish-born Novotny has the perfect soulful vocal flavours out of the box to make the perfect energizing track through the darks and lights of things. Furthermore, the glitch-hop beat shows the diversity of the track. The official video is a document of shadowy chronology and feelings making everything work in its atmosphere through the music. Above all for me, it came out of a much more bad-ass Drive soundtrack!

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The Sinner’ – says Francis – “is about that dark side, and the struggle of hiding it. It’s about the difficulty of keeping the people you love away from it, and the fine line between chaos and order. I do think a lot of people can identify with destructive relationships with people who are matching your chaotic side, and who bring out the darker you.”