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6 things Sarah P. told us all around “Millennial Girl” video!

6 things Sarah P. told us all around “Millennial Girl” video!

Sarah P. released a striking new video for “Millenial Girl” creating a perfect marriage of truthful sophistication and music technique. We had the chance to talk about music, future plans and life-changing matters.


Millennial Girl just came to life with a beautiful video to go with. Was it an intended next statement-step from your latest debut full-length album “Who Am I”? I always admire your creativity within the rational points of life that you want to share with us within smart music stories.

It did and I’m beyond grateful for its reception. Millennial Girl was always meant to be the last chapter of Who Am I because it’s introducing my new sound that’s warmer, more organic. The video also serves as a prelude of what’s to come. A new EP is on its way – it’s coming out later this year. It’s called Maenads and I’m truly excited to set it free.

 “Millennial Girl” is taken from Sarah P.’s debut album Who Am I

The video is a commentary to our societies’ obsession with perfection, as well as to the lavish online lives many lead. Sarcastically, Sarah sings “So I strive, I strive, I strive for perfection every time / But see no purpose. / And I buy, I buy, I buy hip, cool stuff I see online / To scratch the surface.

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Let’s talk about the female empowerment, where did your inspiration come from and why now? Are there any personality portraits of women you admire on this path?

It’s nothing new for me… It’s always been there, to be honest. Perhaps not as manifested, but you can find bits and pieces of activism and revolution in my early work, too. Since I went solo, I felt way freer to express myself and I’ve been talking, singing and practising female empowerment every single day. Obviously, lots of inspiration has come from own experiences, as well as from family members and friends who unapologetically carved their own path. That said, connecting with women from all over the world for the past couple of years and sharing stories with them has been a very inspiring ride, too.

Growing up in this world I still find crashing the stereotypes a daily to-do task being a woman in the stem or even as a writer (they always call me Nik as they believe I’m a man in the music industry). Why aren’t the stereotypes in the trash bin and why are things one step forward two steps back sometimes? It always feels like a lot of things are going on however we remain calm before the car crash.

The stereotypes aren’t in the trash bin, because – to some extent, we need them. We’re creatures of habit, we operate and make decisions based on what feels safe and homely. Stereotypes do that for us – they’re within our comfort zone. They create the impression that we know everything when in reality, all we do is generalising and assuming. For one to break free from this way of acting and reacting, they must seek education and keep an open mind. Unfortunately, that’s becoming harder and harder, due to post-growth societal decay. For the first time in decades, we seem to be stuck and confused as to what to do. Our toxic friends – the stereotypes – are there for us, making it easier to grasp from a dark reality they like to paint. We’re vulnerable and we give in.

So, the Maenads era is about to begin. Can we have a small sneak-peak of what’s next on your plate?

You know, I chose the maenads as a theme, exactly because I wanted to break from the stereotypical idea of how a woman should be and act. The Ancient Greek maenads were wild and strong. They knew how to have fun. They believed in a greater force so strong that they would go to battle for it. My new record is inspired by the maenads of 2018. The assertive women who are sick of being put in the corner. The survivors of sexual abuse and assault who come forward and seek justice. The girls and boys who are unapologetic about who they are and who are teaching us lessons of confidence, self-love and acceptance. My new record is about them and for them.

Just to close-up name us some records you love this period, that we could crank on our turntable. I’m still feeling good with “Maribou State”.

It’s a single release with an A & B side. I love Rhumba Club’s Body Control/Back In Berlin. These are the only two songs that matter to me these days.

Greece has made some steps socio-economically since the first time I laid my ears on Who Am I. What about the creativity in the music field? Have your ears picked up on something?

Greece never lacked in talent – it’s in other parts that our shortcomings show. Creativity is a mechanism that helps us overcome all hardships – creativity not just in music, but also in the everyday. There’re many great music and art projects in Greece – I quietly follow them as they blossom.

I hope we meet again on Berlin soil as I’m looking forward to some record digging with friends! All the best!

Thank you! Greetings from Kreuzberg!

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*Many thanks to Robert Helbig and Sarah P. of course!