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The Birthday Letters have a Mythos Pathos to share

The Birthday Letters have a Mythos Pathos to share


The Birthday Letters based in Lewisham (south London) are caught on our indie-pop spectrum with Mythos Pathos. You can find their latest EP going by the same name on Bandcamp. It’s all about guitar strummed grooves and if you watch closely to the video you can breathe the 80s and 90s energy of the alternative music scene. Yep, that’s it, there isn’t a lot of dancing going around in the world, or is it just my opinion? The track is cloaking brightly with my inner teenage-self, and these guys went on a long road of sessions after their day-jobs to pull off an album. Liberating for them, and for us also. Cheerful music visions and everything is naturally aligned for pleasant listening.

Don’t forget to listen to the George Harrison cover I Live For You.

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