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W.R.D’s 45 inch “Happy Hour” via new label “Color Red”!

W.R.D’s 45 inch “Happy Hour” via new label “Color Red”!

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W.R.D stands for Robert Walter on the organ, Eddie Roberts on the guitar and Adam Deitch on the drums! Fresh made Denver label, studio and culture content platform Color Red are running in the background for them, releasing “Happy Hour” at 45 RPM.

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The track is stated under two minutes however it ignites your soul for more funky attitude. Actually, I wish it would last longer, as an opening track on a groovy bar night. I could easily play this on my DJ decks eyes closed. It’s an organ-trio format that takes a classic concept and makes it into a hot rod funk hitter. It’s good to hear WRD will be releasing multiple singles via the label during the rest of the year. 45inches are calling for your ears! Grab it while it’s a red-hot lust!

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