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Circuit Bored’s fantastic “Trash” drive is out for a spin!
Roleplay - My Sun
Roleplay – My Sun
Delta – Swimming
aonian ascent © Alex Kozobolis 135kb
Aonian – Ascent
mcdead cover distro 1600387031058
McDead – Mercury Blue Tubes
Biiig Stretch – Aurora
Wray – Wishing
Jonny Cool – Portland Zoo
Creeptones – Hell and Ice
Johnny Franco – Stay Real

Circuit Bored’s fantastic “Trash” drive is out for a spin!

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Seattle seated Circuit Bored, is creatively honest and oddly genre full. Although we are featuring Trash track today, on the contrary, literally speaking, it’s blossoming on the hip-hop/downtempo breaks. I find it exceptionally talented, everything breaks down to build a feeling instantly like on a trip hop-lego system. Vinyl samples are stripped down from The Platters, Brothers Four, Sesame Street and Jamie Glaser! Whilst, the track is short the Trash is a recycling concept for the audio user, addicted to musically friendly techniques.

Perhaps half of my engineering brain has melted with the rest of my music brain to think this is a masterpiece, subjective as can be, it sure is different from the pile of trash out there that doesn’t respect it’s first being. Growing up I was never blunt or curseful talking about melodies, however, the pain my ears get to is much overwhelming lately. Create from your heart and someone will follow, it might not be the world but we all live in it to love and share.

Once, I saw a video of a person smashing vinyl and piling them up on an MK2 needle to create some extra experimental layers (does anyone remember that name to write a comment below?). I believe we both would love that moment of smashing vinyl and playing stuff if we got together for an interview…. Circuit Bored I’m bringing my samples over! Beware of my crap!

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