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Having a crush on Golden Vessel’s latest video BIGBRIGHT!

Having a crush on Golden Vessel’s latest video BIGBRIGHT!

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Australian artist  Max Byrne, aka Golden Vessel releases Bigbright, featuring Elkkle, E^ST & DUCKWRTH. It’s out via Ultra Records.

The Bigbright track and video is an amazing colorful buzz. It includes an awesome spectrum of future R&B and synth vibes. An ode to a love-crush at its core. 4 different stories expressed through 4 unique perspectives. All made with the power of technology, this collaborative effort is a kaleidoscopic strike of animating real life. Golden Vessel is honestly one of my next best “artist” statements sprouting out from Australia and blowing just enough wind to create a tornado of musicality. Just watch the video for yourself! Space-out, flourish in, bubble out, this track is all cool! Golden Vessel Crush!

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