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INVRS create hyperactive vocal-house anthem “Question My Love”!

INVRS create hyperactive vocal-house anthem “Question My Love”!


Question My Love is the perfect example of a major dance-floor filler!

The totemic Russian duo INVRS have just released a magisterial piece of vocal house treasure on their own imprint INVRS UNVRS. You can’t stop listening to this! Inversed Universe actually stands for something in between electronic pop and EDM culture // pulsing hyperactive bassline and vocal vibes up into music space. Featured track today is an energetic stomper taking me back to the 90s-00s, however, very refreshing into the picturesque of things. It’s a power play track! Can’t wait to feature this on the radio show. (it seems these guys are chart-toppers the last three months all over the world). Burn your blushing heart waves through some headphones or burn those calories on the dance floor!

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